This chat and messaging client and VoIP platform allows you to make free calls

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LINE is a piece of software designed for calling and instant messaging, and it uses a VoIP system for totally free communications from a PC thanks to the Windows client.

The main goal of LINE is to provide free communication between you and everyone you know. There are a number of similar messaging apps out there, like Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Facebook Messenger, and more. If you have friends who use the LINE app, you can communicate with them for free via text messages and group chats. Like Skype, LINE features a VoIP system that allows you to make and receive video and voice calls when connected to the internet.

Since there are so many other similar pieces of software on the market, LINE works to stand out from the crowd by integrating functionality that younger users would specifically enjoy. They feel the younger generations are the most likely to use this type of software in their daily lives, so they've included a number of stickers that can be used to add a bit of character and fun to your messages. You can also use a wide selection of emoticons to communicate more expressively, and you can download more if the default selection isn't sufficient.

LINE also includes a Timeline feature that works a bit like the feed found in Facebook and Instagram. With the Timeline, you can record messages that anyone will be able to see. If you have followers, you can leave them messages and photos that they can comment on.

The minimalist interface of the software doesn't distract you with anything flashy, but it can be a bit dull. It includes three main tabs for your conversations, contact list, and adding new contacts. You do need to have the LINE app installed on your phone in order to use the PC version of the software. To use the software, a QR code will be displayed on your PC screen, and your phone with the mobile app should scan the code. This will link your mobile app and account with the PC LINE app.

Those who find the app to be a bit too dull can visit the Theme Store in order to download a customized theme for the LINE app on the PC. If you already use the mobile version of LINE, there's no reason not to extend your utility of the app to your PC. It's nice to be able to start a conversation with your PC that can be continued through your mobile device on the go.

The great thing about this LINE PC app is that it automatically syncs all your contacts from the app. LINE for mobile and LINE for PC are nearly identical pieces of software, so you'll get the same functionality from both versions.


  • Multiple Stickers
  • Group Chatting
  • Free Messaging and Calling
  • Unobtrusive UI


  • Dull UI
  • Requires Mobile LINE App

LINE is a piece of software that allows people to make calls from their PCs and Macs to other devices, including Blackberrys, iPhones, Android phones, Google phones and Windows phones. Its main function is to allow people to make such calls, although it does allow people to leave messages in both audio and video formats.

Pros of Using LINE

  • It's Free The first and most obvious advantage that is associated with LINE is that it is completely free. This is critical, because it will allow the person who is using the software to enjoy all of the different services that the software has to offer without having to pay for them. This will allow people to enjoy greater access to communications technology.
  • It's Flexible This software is able to use the capabilities of a Mac or a PC to call mobile devices. The types of mobile devices that it is able to connect to are diverse, encompassing Google devices, as well as mobile devices that are made by Apple, mobile devices made by Windows and Blackberrys.
  • It Allows Messages to Be Sent Many different calling services do not allow people to leave messages. However, LINE allows people to create video messages as well as audio messages. This is important, because it will ensure that anyone who makes a call to someone who is not there will be able to convey the necessary message in a format that will catch the attention of the person receiving the message.
  • High Quality Calls

    There is nothing more frustrating than having to deal with poor sound quality during a call. Luckily, LINE does not have those problems. As long as the person who is calling has a fast-enough connection, the call will easily go through. It is also necessary for the person who is being called to have enough of a connection to a 3G network or other such network.

Cons of Using LINE

  • No Video Calls (yet) One of the most popular features for communication is the video call. Unfortunately, LINE does not yet have the capacity to make video calls. However, that service is in the works and will be developed shortly. The high-quality voice calls will make up for lack of video calls.
  • Too Many Stickers This software is one of the most popular applications in Japan, mostly because Japanese users find it extremely enjoyable to use the wide variety of different stickers that are offered by the software. However, Western users have expressed their irritation with the stickers and do not particularly enjoy using them. Controls are being developed that will allow users that do not enjoy stickers to avoid them.
  • It Requires a Good Internet Connection This software requires a decent Internet connection in order for it to work properly. If the Internet connection that a user has is too weak to support LINE, then there might be problems with the calls.

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